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VoiceAbility retains statutory advocacy services in Northants, with support from Deaf Connect.

VoiceAbility, under the project name of ‘Total Voice Northamptonshire (TVN)’ have been providing a variety of advocacy services across Northamptonshire since 2010. Now, with support from Deaf Connect, VoiceAbility will be managing all the statutory advocacy services for adults and carers across the area. Deaf Connect, whose advocates are either Deaf themeselves, or trained in BSL, will provide advocacy for people over 16 who are severely or profoundly deaf. 

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Piloting Daybook

Daybook, the digital diary for People with Learning Disabilities, is now at the final stage of piloting in Gloucestershire, South Tyneside, Liverpool and Worcestershire.  During the co-creation and piloting we have worked alongside 173 People with Learning Disabilities, including 46 people with Complex Needs and 34 people who don’t access formal services.  Supporters and family members have also engaged with the process.

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