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50 years ago - A day to remember

On this day 50 years ago, not long after dawn, the House of Commons passed the Bill to partially decriminalise sex between consenting men in England. It became law (The Sexual Offences Act) at the end of July 1967. The work continues to ensure that individual people and families have rights which are respected. Through our individual work, collective support and influencing, we are a part of that change. This account of our support provides an example of the difference which we can and do make in people’s lives.  

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VoiceAbility retains statutory advocacy services in Northants, with support from Deaf Connect.

VoiceAbility, under the project name of ‘Total Voice Northamptonshire (TVN)’ have been providing a variety of advocacy services across Northamptonshire since 2010. Now, with support from Deaf Connect, VoiceAbility will be managing all the statutory advocacy services for adults and carers across the area. Deaf Connect, whose advocates are either Deaf themeselves, or trained in BSL, will provide advocacy for people over 16 who are severely or profoundly deaf. 

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