Advocacy in Private Care Settings

Many services, including care homes, residential services and assisted living schemes offer access to advocacy.

VoiceAbility provide advocacy services in many private care services across England. Find out what we offer and whether we offer it in a service that you use.

Cheswold Park HospitalThere are lots of different types of Independent Providers of Community Care;

  • Private Care Homes
  • Daycare facilities
  • Residential Services
  • Assisted Living Schemes
  • Community services.

VoiceAbility Advocates understand that the needs of people who use these services can be extremely diverse and are specially trained to work in partnership to understand what each person wants and how best to achieve a good outcome for them.

What your advocate can do 

If you receive care services from a private provider, you may want an advocate to support you to express how you feel and be involved in discussion about your care needs. VoiceAbility work in many private organisations to help support you.

It’s important that you are able and empowered to give your views and make decisions about your life, your individual care needs or treatment you receive wherever you are.

Independent advocates can work with you to:

  • Express your feelings and wishes
  • Tell your care managers, carers, doctors and other professionals about the things that are important to you
  • Be involved in discussions by helping you to consider options available to you
  • Provide you with information about your rights and, where appropriate, access more specialist advice

We will take time to listen to you and make sure your voice is being heard about how you live your life and particularly when important decisions are being made. We can take forward matters on your behalf when you would like us to do so and we can represent you when you need us to.

Advocacy is confidential and independent to the care provider but it will be paid for by the provider. We will not share any information about things we talk about with anyone else unless you give us permission to do so, if you or anyone else is at risk of harm or if the police or courts instruct us to.

Sandra’s Choice

VoiceAbility began working with Sandra at her home, where she wanted to have greater independence. Home staff had to be on hand on a regular basis to help her move about her room and access TV and movies that she wanted to watch. This was expensive for the home and made Sandra feel out of control.

VoiceAbility worked with Sandra and the Service Manager to find solutions that would increase Sandra’s independence in way that made her feel more in control, in a safe way.

Mobility and communication aids were sourced which reduced her support needs and Sandra is much happier now that she has been able to achieve greater independence for herself.

Where do we work?

VoiceAbility provides independent advocacy in many private care centres, residential homes and hospitals including:

If we do not provide advocacy for your care service, you can speak to your care manager about having an independent advocate to support you. If you do not want to speak to your care manager, please contact us on 01223 555 800 and we can speak to them on your behalf.