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Carer’s Advocacy

Support for carers to be involved in decisions about them and the person they care for.

What is carer’s advocacy?

Advocacy’ is all about people having more control over their own lives. We support people to feel empowered to make their own decisions, speak up about what they want and need, and achieve their own goals. 

Carer’s advocacy supports carers to understand their options, make informed choices and decisions about their caring role and be heard when they face a challenge or issue.

Who might need this:

Carer’s advocacy is available to anyone over 18 providing unpaid help and support to a friend or family member who has an illness or is disabled. 

Our advocates help carers to be more involved and have their voices heard in decisions that affect them and their families.

Carer’s advocacy is not a statutory service. This means that this support is in addition to your legal rights.

We can help carers to:

  • understand their rights and how to apply them to their everyday life.
  • access a Carer’s Assessment
  • communicate their own needs to people making decisions about them and those they care for
  • make a complaint about social care
  • find out about other services that might be able to support them and their families

Who can make a carer’s advocacy referral?

  • carers can refer themselves
  • a friend or family member of the carer
  • the local authority 
  • health and social care professionals can refer on behalf of the carer
  • carers’ support services 
  • social care providers

To find out if you can get an advocate, please contact us by calling 0300 303 1660 or emailing