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Quality Checkers


People with their own lived experience helping to make sure that people with learning disabilities get great services. 

The Quality Checkers team use their experience of a learning disability to assess and report on good services, and make recommendations where things could be better. 

As well as their regular quality checking work, they engage with their local communities to make sure people are aware of services that they might be entitled to but may not be aware of.

Quality Checker Services

Quality Checking

High quality checks for any service used by people with learning disabilities.

Easy Read Translation

The Quality Checkers are experienced easy read creators and can transform your paperwork into fully accessible documents.

Why use the Quality Checkers?

As part of the Driving up Quality Code, all services that work with people who have disabilities are expected to self assess their own service. The Quality Checkers can help you to do this by checking the quality of your services.

They speak to people who use your services and, because of their lived experience, they know the right questions to ask and can pick up on any issues that you might not have identified.

They produce a high quality report that outlines what, if any, changes you might like to make to your service to make it even better. You benefit, and the people who use your services do too.

Get in touch

If you would like to find out more information about the Quality Checkers and what they can offer, email or call 0300 303 1660.

Have you had your Annual Health Check?

A health check is a good way to make sure you stay healthy. Everyone who has a learning disability should be offered one every year by their Doctor/​GP. So we want to know that this is happening. 

Health checks help you stay well by talking about your health and finding any problems early, so you get the right care.

You do not have to be ill to have a check – most people have theirs when they are well.

The Integrated Care Board (ICB) pays for health services. So if you live in Northamptonshire, NHS Northamptonshire ICB wants to know about your experiences. 

People with lived experience of a learning disability at VoiceAbility are helping to do that.

There are three different ways you can do the survey:

  1. We can telephone you and ask you the questions
  2. You can take the survey online
  3. You can download the survey from the links at the end of this page, and email it back to us at

If you would like to do the survey some other way, please let us know by emailing or calling 0300 303 1660.