Advocacy Experience

Advocacy Experience logoAdvocacy Experience was brought under the management of VoiceAbility as a subsidiary company in 2011 in order to increase our ability to deliver support to people in the North West of England. Over the past two years we have worked together to integrate all Advocacy Experience staff members into the VoiceAbility structure. This means that all staff use the same processes and policies and work to the same high standard. This work is now complete and all Advocacy Experience services are now managed under the VoiceAbility name. Bringing Advocacy Experience and VoiceAbility together has enabled us to share learning and improve the consistency and quality of services across the country. 

Find out below where our North West services are and what they offer.

Forensic Advocacy and Independent Mental Health Advocacy

Our teams in the North West of England have delivered professional advocacy services in secure forensic settings for nearly 15 years. Our forensic services are based in a range of low and medium secure mental health and learning disability settings.

More about Independent Mental Health Advocacy

Services in Cheshire

Services in Lancashire