Governance and finances

VoiceAbility has drawn together a leading team of experts and professionals to run and manage the organisation. The majority of people in our Board of Trustees (our management committee) have experience of disability themselves.

The Board of Trustees

Chair – Peter Letley

Peter runs the management board that is responsible for the overall direction of VoiceAbility. Peter has served on boards of various charities in the past, including Housing 21, WPF Therapy and CIBC Children’s Foundation. He has a wealth of financial and governance experience. He has a particular interest in working with people to raise their voices after fighting alongside his son, who has a disability, for the right to complete his degree education. He is unpaid.

VoiceAbility Chair, Peter Letley I am Chairman of the Trustees and am particularly pleased to be involved because I believe that it is vital that all members of society should have a voice.This is often difficult to achieve in a complex world. As the father of a son with a learning disability I have seen this at close hand.

I worked for many years in the finance industry, allied with 8 years' involvement in social housing and care.Taken together I hope that this provides me with the skills to chair a group of varying backgrounds and with a majority of members who have lived experience of disability. My objective at Board level is to draw on the breadth of knowledge  around the table for the benefit of Voiceability.

I would like to think that year by year we assist in consistently increasing the opportunity for vulnerable people to be heard.

Peter Letley

The other members of our trustee board are:

Cliff Broadhurst Sue Brown Kate Markey Matt Smith Alistair Schofield
Cliff Broadhurst - VoiceAbility Trustee Sue Brown - VoiceAbility Trustee Kate Markey - VoiceAbility Trustee Matt Smith - VoiceAbility Trustee Alistair Schofield - VoiceAbility Trustee
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Viral Shah Gavin Sumner Phil Tatt Louisa Whait Andrew Weston
Viral Shah - VoiceAbility Trustee Gavin Sumner - VoiceAbility Trustee Phil Tatt - VoiceAbility Trustee Louisa Whait - VoiceAbility Trustee Andrew Weston - VoiceAbility Trustee
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VoiceAbility would like to thank Nurole for supporting the recent recruitment of new Trustees.

VoiceAbility Finances

VoiceAbility's funding comes from a variety of areas.

Mainly, we get paid directly by local authorities, the NHS and other government bodies to deliver advocacy services under various government legislation. We sometimes receive grants, donations and other funding after applying for funding 'pots' and initiatives.

We are dedicated to openness about our finances, how we earn money and how it is spent.