Need help reading our website? We have added Browsealoud software to our website. It provides reading and translation support. It helps you to access and understand our website better. Click the orange circle at the bottom right of your screen to begin.

Browsealoud can

  • turn text into speech
  • give you a picture to explain each word (picture dictionary)
  • create an MP3 of the text being read aloud
  • translate the text
  • increase the text size
  • add a screen mask, with colours of your choice
  • simplify the page

How to use Browsealoud

Click the orange disc on the bottom right of your screen. The Browsealoud toolbar will appear.

Click on the launchpad to launch the Browsealoud toolbar. Then simply click on any text to hear it read out loud. Or click ? on the toolbar to find the other features of Browsealoud.

If you need support, visit, the dedicated support portal from Texthelp – the makers of Browsealoud.