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VoiceAbility holds the Quality Performance Mark (QPM) for advocacy, demonstrating excellent advocacy practice, across all of our services.

The QPM is the critical award that every person who needs an advocate should expect to see when looking for advocacy. The QPM means you can expect high quality in all aspects of advocacy, from practice to paperwork, communication to confidentiality.

VoiceAbility's Success in Gaining the Quality Performance Mark

VoiceAbility has held the QPM since 2011, but has just been reassessed under a new and revised assessment criteria.

“I am delighted to recommend VoiceAbility, nationally and across all its regions, be awarded the Advocacy Quality Performance Mark. VoiceAbility came across both as a large and influential organisation, as well as many committed and locally-embedded teams who serve their communities with skill and passion.”

QPM Assessor

The assessments reported many areas of good practice including:

  • Excellent IMCA work. 
  • Positive and proactive approaches to Care Act advocacy and increasing referrals
  • Good involvement of experts by experience across the organisation
  • Our strong ethos and values
  • Excellent relationships with commissioners and other local professionals whilst upholding very strong independent voice and role
  • A strong sense of organisation at team, area and national levels
  • Good practice in referrals and prioritisation even in the light of challenging case loads
  • Positive moves to increase equality of access
  • Using multi-skilled advocates, meaning that staff can offer different several types of advocacy, for example NHS Complaints Advocacy as well as Care Act Advocacy or Community Advocacy 
  • Excellent support and personal development of advocates
  • Clear and helpful systems which support quality advocacy
  • Excellent business development and HR practices

The ethos of empowerment and ensuring the voice of people they work with is heard was a golden thread right the way through the organisation.

QPM Report

What is the QPM

The QPM is the only national quality standard for independent advocacy. It’s a rigorous process, reviewing case work and talking to staff members and volunteers as well as people who use VoiceAbility services. The Assessors review processes and policies and make sure that every quality standard is met across seven key areas:

7 Principles of Assessments; Independence, Clarity of Purpose, Confidentiality, Equality, Empowerment, Accountability, Supporting Advocates

Within the seven principles, VoiceAbility met every assessment criteria and received commendations for our consistent focus on the people who use our services; the way that each individual’s views and wants are kept at the centre of all of our work, our independence, our ability to challenge other agencies and the way that we provide advocacy to different client groups, changing our approach to suit each individual.

Strong values - Throughout the visits, the passion with which advocates carry out their role was very apparent. It was linked strongly to a shared belief and value system of the importance of empowerment, voice and rights.

QPM Report

Why should you look for the QPM when you use an advocate?

The QPM is vital to advocacy organisations because it:

  • Enables us as a provider to demonstrate and promote our commitment and ability to provide high quality advocacy
  • Gives commissioners of advocacy services reassurance that we have been assessed to ensure our organisation is robust and focused on ensuring delivery of quality services
  • Helps us to review, improve and develop our organisational systems, policies and practices

VoiceAbility's work as a leading advocacy provider is based upon the Advocacy Charter and Code of Practice