A Voice for the Future: Our Strategy 2016-2021

DreamersOur five-year strategy is based upon our vision of a society in which everyone’s voice, rights and choices are heard, understood and respected.

Our aims, which every part of our strategy works towards, are for every person to have: 

  • The right to be heard and respected
  • The right to the same choice, control, and freedom as any other person
  • The right to be safe from violence or abuse

VoiceAbility in 2021

By 2021 we will have: 

Strategy Objective 1 - Increased our social impact supporting the rights, voices and choices of 40,000 people and demonstrating powerfully the difference that we are making  Introduced new support services, including wider support for people who have dementia and delivery of preventative services  developed strong partnerships

Strong user involvement at every level of the organisation  Consistently excellent staff and volunteer engagement  Viewed as an insightful and influential partner

You can download our 2016-2021 Strategy document below.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.