Our year 2017/18

Through face-to-face advocacy, group advocacy and peer mentoring, the hallmark of our work this year has been giving appropriate, tailored support to everyone we work with.

We want to ensure that our services reach everyone who needs them. We are therefore also very proud of our ‘behind the scenes’ achievements this year in strengthening the organisation, so that we are in good shape to support people to have a voice and rights into the future.


  • In our face-to-face advocacy work, 91% of the specific changes people wanted were either completely or partly achieved.

  • In 2016 our award-winning Camden Mental Health Peer Mentoring programme was externally evaluated. The resulting report has now been published on the McPin website and highlights the excellent practice the programme has achieved.

  • We helped to develop the NICE Guidelines on learning disabilities and behaviour that challenges. Our Chief Executive, Jonathan Senker, is chair of the NICE guideline committee on how services should be designed and delivered for people with learning disabilities and behaviour that challenges.

  • VoiceAbility provided briefings, practice examples and core outcomes best practice to NDTi for their advocacy framework. The framework helps to drive forward improved outcomes/standards and professionalism across the industry.

To find out more, download our report (PDF) or explore the story tiles below.

Peer mentoring for Hepatitis C diagnosis and treatment

“Without the support group, I would not be undergoing treatment” – Peer mentee

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Keeping people safe

“I suddenly started to find that I was supporting many people from one particular ward to make complaints..." We help our commissioners identify changes that are needed in systems that affect lots of people.

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Transforming Care for Faaris

Faaris was living in hospital long-term when it wasn't necessary. Advocacy helped him to move on.

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