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Nathan - A Person Centred Move?

As part of the transforming care programme, when Nathan was ready to move on from his hospital placement, a plan was put in place by his support team. Visits from staff members at the new placement were arranged, detailed arrangements were made on Nathan's behalf. 

But when Nathan's advocate saw the plan, he quickly realised that a major element was missing - Nathan. The new team were being supported to understand Nathan, but Nathan wasn't being supported to understand what was happening and where he was going to be living.

Nathan's advocate was able to highlight the changes needed in order to make the transition easier for the most important person and now, after a successful transition plan, Nathan is settling in well to his new home.

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Transforming Care for Faaris

Faaris has been ready to move on from the Assessment and Treatment Unit (ATU) where he has been living for years. His ATU is away from his family and staff at the unit agree that Faaris should have moved on a long time ago. But the local authority were doing nothing and the home staff weren't able to challenge the situation strongly.

An independent advocate stepped in to work out what was going on and what could be done to help Faaris. Faaris' advocate was able to put pressure on the local authority and fought for Faaris' rights. Now Faaris is, finally, moving into a suitable placement, nearer his mum and dad and Faaris couldn't be happier.

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Dave - Should I stay or should I go?

42 year old Dave has been living in the north, away from his family, for some years and had told staff at his residential home that he wanted to move back down south to be closer to them. But as the time got closer, Dave changed his mind. It was up to Dave's advocate to listen carefully to what Dave had to say, to understand what was driving Dave's change of heart and what Dave wanted to achieve. 

With support from his advocate, Dave was able to explain why, although he did eventually want to move back south, now was not the right time for him. Together, Dave and his support team have found a community placement close by where Dave is happy to work towards his eventual independence at his own pace.

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Sahil’s Story – Seeking stability, not separation

Sahil came to the UK with his little brother, confused, isolated and distrusting. He's now 17, studying for A levels, whilst living with his brother in a children's unit. But now, once more, Sahil is being told he must leave everything he knows.

Sahil's advocate helped him challenge the decision and fought for him to remain where he was.

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Alex - Supported Decision Making

Alex was spending more and more time alone in his care home, where he lived under a Deprivation of Liberty (DoL) order. Alex's advocate worked with him to find a way to communicate and looked at what activities and support options were available to him. Using their new communication techniques, Alex was able to let staff know what he wanted and a programme of inclusion has been put together. Alex is now happier, and more settled in his home, and staff there are now able to include Alex in decisions about himself. 

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Peter and Jenny - torn apart after 44 years

Peter and Jenny have been together for 44 years. But Jenny's dementia meant that she was moved from their shared flat into a higher support residential service. Unfortunately, although both Peter and Jenny have learning disabilities, Peter was not considered to have high enough care needs to move with Jenny. They were to be torn apart.

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