Daisy’s story - Streak of Independence

Daisy is an informal patient with the adolescent services unit. She is young, capable and intelligent but suffers from depression and anxiety and has been diagnosed with anorexia. She missed socialising with her friends and family and has looked at discharging herself from her unit against the wishes of medical professionals. Daisy asked for an independent advocate to get an independent explanation of her rights and the options that she had.

Wrestling Back Control

17 year old Daisy is diagnosed with anorexia nervosa and suffers from depression and anxiety. Daisy had been receiving support from her family and her medical team and was improving day by day. She decided that she no longer needed therapy and wanted to discharge herself. However, this was against medical advice so Daisy sought independent assistance. Daisy’s advocate supported her by explaining her rights and then helped her prepare for the likely consequences and response if she stopped rehabilitation. The advocacy helped because Daisy had more understanding of her options and better control over her decisions without feeling pushed into making uninformed choices for her wellbeing. More importantly, Daisy now understood there was a risk of relapse if she did not finish her treatment.

Wise Head on Young Shoulders

Eventually, and after more discussions with her advocate, her family and medical professionals she trusted, Daisy chose to continue on to complete her therapy. She was now aware of all the facts and could choose what she considered best for herself. Daisy also knew she could tap into more advocacy support without judgement whenever she needed – even if she did decide to change her mind again.

The advocate said:

‘Daisy thanked me my time and support. I explained that we don’t judge whatever decision a person decides to make.’’