George’s story - Finding Nemo

George is a quiet, thoughtful gentleman, who had lived an independent life until six months ago. A serious fall meant that George was admitted into care, and there he was diagnosed with dementia. After five months of physical therapy, George has recovered from his fall, but his dementia has gotten much more severe. After being assessed as lacking capacity to make a decision about where he could live, a VoiceAbility IMCA starting working with George.

The IMCA agreed with the Best Interests Assessors that it was too dangerous for George to return to his home now. The IMCA spent time with George, finding out what he liked to do and how he lived before. They found that George loved spending time on his own, caring for his fish in his pond at home, and he liked to go for walks by himself. They knew that this wouldn’t be possible where he had been living as there were no local resources nearby to support him.

George’s advocate worked with his social worker to see what kind of home would be suitable, within George’s personal finances, and started researching the options.

He was able to show George two countryside residential options near his home village, one of which had a pond. George was thrilled that he would still be able to enjoy his fish, even if he couldn’t go home and was able to have his say on his move.