Greg’s story - Money for nothing

Greg is a sociable gentleman living in a residential home. Greg is usually happy, so staff at the home were concerned when he came to them complaining that his weekly allowance from his family wasn’t enough. They called Voiceability and with his advocate’s involvement, Greg was able to get more money, and start doing the activities that made him so happy.

50 year old Greg has always been sociable and enjoys sociable activities with other residents and in the community. But he recently became unhappy and complained to staff about lack of enough money. Staff mentioned this to his advocate saying that Greg’s sister Sylvia controls his finances and gives him just a small ’allowance’ each week.

Gently does it

handling some money The advocate realised that Greg really values positive social interactions and cheerful exchanges and did not want to bother the advocate with his concerns. Instead he chose to talk to the staff he sees daily.  A more gentle approach was needed to win Greg’s confidence. The advocate teamed up with a support worker, with whom Greg was already familiar, in order to ask if Greg wanted advocacy support to resolve this issue. This approach worked well, and helped Greg to understand the advocate was there to help and support him in getting his voice heard and concerns raised.

They agreed to raise the issue with his sister at his next Care Programme Approach (CPA) meeting his sister would attend. The meeting was very inclusive, with everyone there having an equal say. Sylvia had been managing Greg’s finances and trying to look after his best interests, helping him in the ways she could. She hadn’t known that Greg felt he didn’t have enough money, and so with the advocate’s support, Greg was able to express this, and Sylvia was happy to provide the amount of his money he wanted.

Looking forward

We’ve visited Greg since the meeting and he has told us how happy he is with his new allowance, and is looking forward to all the extra things he can do now. He told us that he is now happier to raise concerns, knowing that he isn’t being a nuisance! Working closely with his advocate, Greg had found his voice.