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Find out below how you can help support our advocacy or active voice work, including our Dreamer's Bar which relys solely on donations.

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Paul’s Story

A VoiceAbility advocate had been working with Paul, a gentleman with communication issues following a stroke, to help him be involved in the decision about where he should live.

Staff told the IMCA that Paul could only answer yes and no, it soon became clear to the advocate that Paul was frustrated and it was only the physical difficulties that were preventing him answering more than this.

The advocate spent time getting to know Paul and the things he liked and the people that were important in his life. By using a different method of communication, in this case a Talking mat, the advocate was able to help build up a picture of Paul’s likes, dislikes and wishes around where he wanted to live.

The advocate was able to support Paul to express clear wishes, and challenge the professional view that he could only answer yes and no. By taking the time to get to know Paul and by working with him creatively, the advocate was able to meaningfully involve Paul in major decisions affecting his life.

In addition to the fantastic work of our advocates and project workers, we have a range of innovations that we need your support with; this is just one.

volunteers at the dreamers barDreamer’s Bar

Dreamer’s Bar is a social hub and information resource for adults with learning disabilities and autistic spectrum conditions. Dreamer's offers paid and volunteering opportunities for people that would not otherwise be possible.

We know that many people who come to Dreamer's face social isolation. One of our regulars said that, without Dreamer's, he would just sit at home and watch TV. Those who attend meet new friends and access community support that they can use, not just when they come to Dreamer's, but whenever they need it. 

Dreamer's runs weekly and offers volunteer opportunities for 8 people and paid roles for 2 more. We make sure that we keep costs to an absolute minimum of £500 a month and rely solely on donations.

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Dreamer's Bar

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