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Advocacy with people with learning disabilities and autistic people

We’ve set out the critical ingredients for advocacy with people with learning disabilities and autistic people who are subject to seclusion, segregation or restraint

Out of Sight- Who Cares’, is the Care Quality Commission’s (CQC’s) review of restraint, seclusion and segregation for autistic people, and people with a learning disability. It reports inhumane care’ in hospitals and care settings and highlights the importance of advocacy in preventing this.

However, the report also finds that access to advocacy was problematic and its quality variable in the care services that were studied.

We agree with the CQC, about both the vital role of advocacy and also its variability in practice.

The paper below sets out the critical ingredients for delivering, managing, and commissioning effective advocacy in these contexts. The paper’s authors are Jonathan Senker, chief executive of VoiceAbility and Kate Mercer of Kate Mercer Training

In a separate blog, Jonathan Senker responds candidly to the CQC’s report.