Self Advocacy

self advocacy

Self advocacy is about taking control of decisions about yourself. It means you can tell others what you want.

talk to the hand

Lots of people do not feel that they can tell people what they want. They might feel that nobody wants to listen.

independent advocate

Advocacy can help people say what they want. An advocate will be on your side and make sure people listen to you.


Learning to speak up for yourself is an important part of advocacy. We want you to feel able to speak up for yourself. We will help you learn how to do that.

Self Advocacy Groups

self advocacy group

In some places we run ‘self advocacy groups’. These are sometimes called 'User Involvement Forums'. 

You can come to these groups and meet people who want their voice to be heard. 


You may not want to speak up at first and might feel nervous or uncertain. That’s okay. 

talk to someone

We can work with you on your own until you feel ready to join in with the rest of the group.

important to me

The groups talk about a lot of different things. Sometimes they talk about things that only matter to one person. Sometimes they talk about things that matter to lots of people there.

important to lots of us

When things matter to a lot of people, VoiceAbility help the group to make things better.

write a letter

Sometimes we help the group write letters, or make phone calls. We can create petitions to show decision makers what you think is important.

use our map

If you are not sure if there is a VoiceAbility group where you live, check on our main site. Use the map menu to find your area. You will be able to see if we work near you.

call us

If you are still not sure, or you want to start a group near you, get in contact. You can call us on 01223 555800 or email us at