For professionals

If you are not certain whether someone you are working with is entitled to an advocate, please contact us. We can talk to you about the situation and help you understand what the person needs.

How to make a referral

You can make a referral or get advice on eligibility by contacting your local VoiceAbility service.

Each of our local services has its own webpage. Click on your area below and the page will tell you:

  • Our contact details in your area.
  • The correct referral form for your area.
  • The kinds of advocacy we provide in your area.
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If your area is not listed, it means we do not provide any services in your area. Your local council will be able to tell you who provides advocacy in your area.

Spot purchase and out of area advocacy

We can deliver all statutory advocacy disciplines as spot purchase / out of area. This includes IMHA, IMCA, professional RPR services and more. We offer a flexible, national service which can meet your needs cost effectively.

If you'd like to speak to us about spot purchase or supporting you to deliver out of area work, please call our helpline. The helpline will put you in touch with the VoiceAbility service manager for your area.

Helpline for IMCA and RPR: 0300 330 5499
Helpline for Care Act Advocacy: 0300 222 5948