Individual, group and in-house training for staff

The training team at VoiceAbility is made up of Experts by Experience who have disabilities.  They are supported by non-disabled colleagues with a wealth of expertise working with clients with disabilities and those with mental health issues.  At VoiceAbility we work with people with learning disabilities, mental health issues and other disabilities on a daily basis.  We take our learning and turn it into informative and interactive training sessions.

VoiceAbility has provided training for organisations across the country for many years, often on the subjects below. We have a wealth of training resources in our standard toolkit, but we have found that most organisations prefer 'out of the box' solutions rather than 'one size fits all' ones. The tools and materials we use to deliver our training can be easily adapted to fit multiple training requirements.

We can adapt our training courses to fit in line with your own requirements, budget and timings. We listen to what you really want and need , to ensure our training covers all your requirements. 

The examples below demonstrate the range of training we can deliver, but do get in touch with us, even if you feel that your needs do not quite match - we will always be happy to talk to you and see where VoiceAbility can support your training needs.

Quality Checking

This is a course which gives you useful tools to help the process of supporting someone to carry out a quality check.  It includes:

  • Outline of Quality Checking.
  • Drafting questionnaires.
  • Communication techniques.
  • Safeguarding.
  • Report writing.
  • How to promote the project.

See here for quality checker training for service users.

Engage With Us

2 trainers at the front of a boardroom with a flip chart.

This is a course which looks at different ways you can hear the voices of people with learning disabilities and complex needs. It will help ensure your service is truly responsive to those who use it by teaching interactive techniques for engaging your service users, customers or tenants with a disability in consultation.  Long-term benefits include the gathering of accurate information which can be used when applying for tenders and grants. The training includes:

  • Communication techniques.
  • Looking at how you can ask questions and record answers.
  • The use of pictures and sound.
  • Working with groups and individuals.

Accessible Communication

5 women having a group discussion at a board room table.

This is a course for professionals who need to make sure they give information in a way that others, particularly those with learning disabilities, can understand. The training includes:

  • Learning and deciding what accessible information is.
  • Practical exercises to make information accessible.
  • Fun activities to enable direct communication with individuals.
  • Many top tips from our experiences.

Disability Awareness

This is a course for professionals who want to become more disability aware.  It includes:

  • Experiencing what it is like to be labelled with a disability.
  • Hearing about different types of disabilities.
  • Thinking about the barriers people with disabilities have and how to remove them.
  • Hearing directly from people with disabilities.
  • Many top tips for working with people with disabilities.
  • Information about the Equality Act (optional).
  • The role of advocacy (optional).

We can tailor the training to fit the needs of whichever group of disabled people you work with, including those with:

  • Learning Disabilities
  • Autistic Spectrum Disorder
  • Mental Health issues
  • Physical Disabilities

Making an Organisation more Inclusive and Accessible

This is a course for organisations who:

  • Need support to comply with the Equality Act.
  • Want more people with disabilities to be able to access their services.
  • Want to enable their service users to have a say in what the organisation does.

The training includes:

  • Learning how to comply with the Equality Act.
  • Learning how to make buildings accessible for people with different disabilities, including autism.
  • Learning how to make information accessible.
  • Fun activities to enable direct communication with individuals.
  • Guidance on how service users can interview new staff.
  • How service users can have their say in your organisation.
  • What makes a good meeting for people with disabilities.
  • Many top tips for engaging people with disabilities.

We can customise this course to suit your needs.  We can also focus a session on one of the above areas in more detail.

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