VoiceAbility work hard to ensure we have a robust safeguarding policy.  For us to be successful in keeping people safe, it is essential we work collaboratively with service providers and local safeguarding professionals.

To ensure people are kept safe, we must:  

  • 2 people talking, outsideProvide advocacy support for the person potentially at risk
  • Make an alert
  • Seek confirmation whether the alert has been accepted
  • Where the alert has been declined, on occasion, we may ask that it be reassessed
  • Identify who the Safeguarding Lead for this case is
  • Seek confirmation of protective measures in place to keep the person safe
  • Get confirmation of the Strategy Plan
  • Get confirmation once the investigation / assessment has been completed within best practice guidance timescales
  • Seek information on the safeguarding plan to keep the person safe
  • Support the person through every stage of this process, where they wish advocacy support

Ultimately we are working to ensure all measures are taken to keep the person safe and provide support following any incidents.

In light of the statutory requirement which came into force in April 2015 to provide advocacy to people that might have substantial difficulty engaging with the safeguarding process, our work is invaluable to understand the issues we face when keeping people safe.

We have developed a Safeguarding Guidance and Checklist as well as clear policies that all our staff and volunteers follow when they identify a potential safeguarding issue. For more information, speak to your local team.