Top tip 9: Think Safeguarding

If you think that a misuse of medication constitutes abuse or that a vulnerable person is at risk of abuse, notifying the local authority of a safeguarding concern may be the right thing to do.

There may be situations where an advocate witnesses the frequent use of psychotropic medications to ‘calm’ residents. This sedation could impact on the person’s ability to go out and do the things they enjoy and could deprive someone of their liberty. It could be an indicator of poor care, if more appropriate care options and sufficient suitably skilled staff are not apparent. In such situations, as well as requesting a review of the individual’s care plans, you might in some circumstances also need to raise a safeguarding alert and a concern with CQC. You should discuss these issues with your manager. There is further information about safeguarding in the supplement to this guide provided on the main STOMP page.