Care Act Resources

VoiceAbility has provided policy and practice advice to the Department of Health and other organisations involved in the drafting of the Care Act and Guidance.

Over this time, we have collected and collated a range of resources that are available to support implementation of the Care Act.

The links below are directly relevant to those who are involved in the planning, commissioning and referral to independent advocacy services. We hope that this page helps you to navigate your way around "Everything Advocacy under the Care Act" We will continue to update this page as further information to help embed advocacy as we implement the Care Act.

Care Act Factsheets - Department for Health

These Care Act Factsheets cover:

General responsibilities Who is entitled? Assessing needs and eligibility Personalising care and support planning
Charging and financial assessments Protecting adults from abuse or neglect Law for carers Continuity of care when moving between areas
Marketing oversight Children in Transition Prisoners and people resident in approved premises  

Resources for professionals 

Skills for Care

  1. Care Act overview - leaflet
  2. Learning and development videos for local authorities and service providers
  3. Care Act introduction and over view of the Act - slide pack and workbooks
  4. First Contact and Identifying Needs  includes:
    1. Assessment and eligibility slide pack, workbooks and handouts
    2. Independent Advocacy slide pack and workbook slide pack, workbooks and handouts
  5. Information and Advice slide pack, workbooks and handouts
  6. Briefing on determining ‘Substantial Difficulty’
  7. Briefing on Identifying Needs
  8. Briefing on considerations for people who are deafblind
  9. Charging and Financial Assessment slide pack, workbooks and handouts
  10. Person-centred Care and Support Planning slide pack, workbooks and handouts
  11. Children in transition to adult services slide pack, workbooks and handouts

Implementation of the Care Act

  1. A guide to the Care Act and Implications for Providers (Joint DH, Adass, LGA and The Care Alliance briefing)
  2. A presentation: The Care Act for Providers (Joint DH, Adass, LGA and The Care Alliance)
  3. Independent Advocacy and the Care Act - supporting the work of the Post Winterbourne JIP (Joint DH, Adass, LGA and VoiceAbility)
  4. Independent Advocacy and the Care Act - easy read version (Joint DH, Adass, LGA and VoiceAbility)

Commissioning and coordinating Information, Advice and Brokerage

Think Local Act Personal (TLAP)

  1. Shaping the future - explores implications of the Care Act
  2. Gearing up for Change - showcases how six local authorities are implementing changes
  3. Seeing the benefits - discusses benefits that of improved information, advice and brokerage and how this can be measured
  4. Information and Advice strategy toolkit - This tool kit helps to think through how to assess what care information is required for people, who will provide this, how and when.