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Partnership opportunities

We work closely with organisations of every size across the country to ensure that people’s voices are heard whenever it matters most.

Local partnership working

When we partner with local organisations, the support we provide together has a greater impact, particularly for hard-to-reach groups.

We build informal relationships and cross-referral pathways with local organisations across the public, private and voluntary sectors.

We also support local organisations through co-location agreements, sharing best practice and providing training opportunities for staff and volunteers.

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We contacted Healthwatch immediately and created joint guidance

Our work in Doncaster

In Doncaster, our team meets quarterly with Healthwatch Doncaster to review trends both sides have seen. They identify actions to take jointly to improve health and social care services for local people. The close relationship means we can also be in touch immediately if urgent issues arise.

For example, when our advocates noticed a high number of DNACPR notices being implemented without patient involvement, our manager raised this with Healthwatch immediately. Together, they created joint guidance for clinicians on their duties to involve patients in decision making, which resulted in immediate and sustained improvements.

We increased referrals from the local Citizens Advice and food bank providers

Our work in Sunderland and Liverpool

Over the last two years, our services in Sunderland and Liverpool have both moved away from traditional offices and into voluntary sector hubs. In each case this has resulted in greater local visibility and increased referrals from colleagues across the sector, particularly Citizen’s Advice and food bank providers who also use the hub spaces. This approach also provides guaranteed income for the hubs, contributing to the sustainability of the local voluntary sector.

Subcontracting opportunities

In some areas, we subcontract other advocacy or specialist provider organisations to deliver services on our behalf. This means that people receive seamless support that meets their specialist needs.

Our subcontractors have access to the same resources as our own staff, including our case management system, and receive support from our experienced management team. This means that they can focus on delivering great support, rather than administration.

We also offer subcontractors regular Partnership Days and joint team meetings to share best practice and develop additional services which meet local needs.

To explore opportunities with your local service, contact us.

It removed the barrier caused by working with an interpreter

Our work with RAD

Royal Association for Deaf People (RAD) specialise in providing signing advocates for d/​Deaf and hearing-impaired clients in our services across the East of England and London. Their ability to provide qualified, multi-disciplinary signing advocates who are well known in local communities, which increases referral levels and removes the barrier caused by using an interpreter.

We’re experienced in delivering on contracts for information, advice and guidance, mental health, social care, clinical support and employability.

This also means we are well placed to support organisations to meet new commissioning challenges, for example the integration of previously separate voluntary sector services into single contracts.

Our team will be happy to discuss how we can support your bids, contracts and grant applications.

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