Learning and Development at VoiceAbility

The VoiceAbility Learning and Development programme aims to supporting the development of skills, behaviour, capabilities and potential, enabling all staff to contribute effectively based on our organisational objectives and priorities.

From the moment you become a part of the VoiceAbility team you’ll benefit from exceptional training and support in your role, including:

  • An initial induction course, compliant with the Skills for Care Common Induction Standards, equipping you with all the skills and knowledge to make a difference to our partners and service users from day one;
  • Training towards your Independent Advocacy Qualification* (IAQ) – a statutory requirement for some Advocacy roles;
  • Ongoing training and development in your role with regular appraisals.

The VoiceAbility Learning and Development Programme has four key areas

  • Professional Advocacy Development
  • Mandatory and Core Training
  • Leadership and Management development
  • ICT and systems training

learning and development wheel

Professional Advocacy Development

Our Professional Advocacy Development CPD programme is informed by specialists from across our organisation, ensuring we provide current and relevant learning and training for Care Act, Advocacy Practice and financial support for undertaking the IAQ*

Leadership and Management Training

Our leaders and managers across the organisation are support to direct the organisation to success through a management skills development programme

Mandatory and Core Training

We have a comprehensive programme of mandatory training for all staff including new staff Welcome Workshop and Safeguarding programmes, including Safeguarding Under the Care Act to ensure that we are always working to protect the people we work with

ICT and Systems Training

Our specialist MAAVIS (Managing Advocacy and Active Voices Information System) is VoiceAbility's secure database that supports all our services to manage and monitor the data in our services.  It is more than just a Database and is designed to reduce the admin time for advocates, maximising time with service users and increasing the number of people we can work with

We provide full training on using the MAAVIS system and our other internal IT programmes to ensure you can get the most out of your new role.

*All staff supported to complete a professional qualification, or study for individual units or modules that would lead to a qualification, will be required to repay a percentage of the financial assistance they have received on a sliding scale, should they leave VoiceAbility’s employment within a specified period of time.

Repayment will not be required for staff who leave VoiceAbility as a result of TUPE or redundancy, although no further financial assistance or paid leave will be available

What did we achieve in 2015

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Our Strategy 2016-2021

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