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Happy Advocacy Awareness Week: get involved!

6 November 2023

Advocacy Awareness Week is a great opportunity to celebrate and increase understanding of advocacy and the life-changing work we do.

Throughout this week (Monday 6 to Friday 10 November), we’ll be helping to explain what is advocacy’ and why it’s important through content created by our colleagues and the people we support. 

What we’ll be doing

We’ve got a week’s worth of exciting, fresh content planned for our social media channels, covering the themes of what advocacy is and isn’t, who our advocates are and how they support people, why advocacy is important, and why we do it.

Please help us raise awareness by:

1. Following us on our social media channels, 





2. Liking, commenting on and sharing our social media posts on your own channels and with your networks.

Please tag us and use the hashtags #AAW23 and #WhatIsAdvocacy.

3. Share a tailor-made social media post for you to start the conversation with, which you can find below.

Example tweet:
The theme this #AdvocacyAwarenessWeek is all about advocacy’: what advocacy is and isn’t, what advocates do and how they support people, and why advocacy is important. 

@VoiceAbility asked its staff what three words they would use to describe advocacy 👇 



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