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Joint call to implement human rights for all in Scotland

22 May 2023

VoiceAbility has signed a joint letter to Scottish public authorities, calling for action to prioritise human rights.

20 civil society organisations have written to the chief executives of Scottish local authorities, NHS Boards and other bodies. 

The open letter identifies two key changes to the human rights framework in Scotland: the incorporation of international human rights, and Scotland’s second Human Rights Action Plan (SNAP 2). You can read the SNAP 2 action plan here.

The Scottish government has committed to incorporating international human rights law into Scots law. We believe there is no need to wait for these laws to be passed to act upon them. Further, we believe that these laws must not only be passed, but fully implemented.

SNAP 2 proposes ambitious actions which will require active commitment from public authorities.

We welcome the positive steps that Scotland has taken, and is taking, to protect and fulfil human rights. However, as organisations that work with and for individuals and communities whose human rights are at risk and infringed upon every day, we are writing to urge you to prioritise actions that end human rights violations.

The 20 signatories offer our active support, challenge and engagement” to drive progress on human rights. 

The letter has also been sent to the Cabinet Secretary for Social Justice Shirley-Anne Somerville MSP to highlight the need for resourcing and support for human rights implementation across Scotland.