National Mental Capacity Day - Raising awareness of Mental Capacity and good practice.

Today marks the second national Mental Capacity Action Day. A day where social care professionals aim to raise the awareness of Mental Capacity to other professionals and the wider public. This year’s theme is around supported decision making.

A bit of background…

The Mental Capacity Act has been in place since 2005 and introduced the concept of the Independent Mental Capacity Advocate (IMCA).

Referrals to IMCA services have been on the rise since then, and have increased dramatically over the past 3 years, since a legal ruling on Deprivation of Liberty occurred.

But many professionals still do not have a thorough understanding of when to make a referral and what the role of the IMCA

The Committee reported that, although IMCAs were seen as “a force for ensuring the dignity and rights of individuals who find themselves in contact with powerful and confusing systems”, referrals to the service, especially for serious medical treatment were “worryingly low” leading to doubts about whether “medical professionals are actually complying with their legal duties”.

Finding a way forward…

The result of the 2014 Annual IMCA report, which reported on worryingly low referral rates, was the creation of a new mental capacity forum, which is been chaired by Baroness Finlay of Llandaff.

As a result of the 1st MCA Awareness day, SCIE have collected examples of work that has raised awareness and improved implementation of the MCA. These have been published on their website and are available to everybody on a new MCA forum.

Today we want to raise awareness with professionals who maybe aren’t as familiar with the MCA principles and how IMCA’s support those principles

Throughout the day we’ll be tweeting and using facebook to talk about different aspects of Mental Capacity. You can join in the conversation by using the hashtags #mca and #supporteddecision

Find out more about Independent Mental Capacity Advocacy.

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