Piloting Daybook

Daybook, the digital diary for People with Learning Disabilities, is now at the final stage of piloting in Gloucestershire, South Tyneside, Liverpool and Worcestershire.  During the co-creation and piloting we have worked alongside 173 People with Learning Disabilities, including 46 people with Complex Needs and 34 people who don’t access formal services.  Supporters and family members have also engaged with the process.

What changed as a result of the pilot?

Daybook logoSupporters in Worcestershire were interested in having a Supporter function on Daybook. This would enable them to make entries and take pictures of group activities and “tag” group members in.  We took this suggestion back and incorporated in to Daybook. We have also improved the Dashboard function so that Local Authorities can interrogate the data more effectively.

Daybook is more than the numbers of people involved. We have been able to provide qualitative information on how using Daybook can change the way that people interact.

icon showing a book, with the words Hannah's storyCase study- Hannah

Hannah has very limited verbal communication.  She lives in a supported living service and accesses activities during the day, including a college course.

Hannah was introduced to Daybook by a member of staff during a training session at the supported living service.  Hannah used one of the Daybook team’s demo iPads. She watched a demonstration and then chose to make her own entry.  Hannah looked at the topics and made an entry about food.  She wrote that she had had pasta with ketchup for lunch, this was tagged with a smiley face to express that she had enjoyed it.  The member of staff explained that they wouldn’t have known what she had eaten in the day if she hadn’t made that entry.

Facebook post from The Blue Room Arts group in LiverpoolOne of the other service users heard what Hannah had for lunch and thought it sounded horrible, Hannah thought this was really funny, she started giggling and smiling.  Both service users had a laugh - something that wouldn’t have happened without Daybook, as Hannah has such difficulty communicating.

Hannah then chose to make an entry about ‘home’.  Staff had said before the session that Hannah had recently moved there and they would love to know if she is happy, she appears to be but it is hard to know due to her difficulties communicating.  She tagged her entry with a smiley face and then wrote that she really likes her flat, and is really happy.  Staff were thrilled.

Getting the message across

Tweet about the daybook team's presentationTwo of the Daybook team, Ali Fawkes and Jenni Parker, were invited to speak at a Service Design in Government conference. Their presentation was very warmly received and there were a flurry of social media posts.


Public Perspectives, who are doing the independent evaluation are visiting the pilot areas throughout June and putting together the findings. The evaluation will be available in early July. 

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