STOMP Top Tips for advocates

We have launched a new guide, ‘STOMP Top Tips for advocates’, in partnership with NHS England. Written with and for advocates, it explains how every advocate can help to ‘stomp out’ over-medication.

STOMP is the national cross sector campaign for stopping the over-medication of people with a learning disability, autism or both, who are more likely to be given psychotropic medicines than other people.

Research by the Learning Disabilities Mortality Review (LeDer) Programme and others has shown that the inappropriate use of psychotropic medicines can be a significant contributory factor, or the cause, of a person’s death.

Advocates are in an ideal position to enable people who may be affected by these issues to speak out and to get the support that they need. In many circumstances, advocates may have not only the opportunity to help, but potentially also a legal duty to do so.

To find out more, download the guide and search #STOMPtips on Twitter.

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