VoiceAbility retains statutory advocacy services in Northants, with support from Deaf Connect.

VoiceAbility, under the project name of ‘Total Voice Northamptonshire (TVN)’ have been providing a variety of advocacy services across Northamptonshire since 2010. Now, with support from Deaf Connect, VoiceAbility will be managing all the statutory advocacy services for adults and carers across the area. Deaf Connect, whose advocates are either Deaf themeselves, or trained in BSL, will provide advocacy for people over 16 who are severely or profoundly deaf. 

We are commissioned by Northamptonshire County Council to meet the statutory advocacy needs of our local communities.

Advocacy is about supporting people to speak for themselves so that their views, wishes and opinions about their care and well-being are heard and understood. Advocates are there to give people independent help so they are empowered to exert their choice and control over decisions in their lives.

The renewed service will comprise:

  • a dedicated helpline, open from 9am to 5pm (Monday to Friday), for people who want information about advocacy support available, or to make a referral to the service. Helpline advocates will give immediate assistance to people so they are supported to self-advocate, they are informed about local support services, and get self-help advocacy materials available.
  • One-to-one statutory advocacy for eligible people, delivered by professional and experienced advocates. Statutory Advocacy comprises Independent Mental Health Advocacy, Independent Mental Capacity Advocacy, Care Act Advocacy and NHS Complaints Advocacy.

Advocacy is crucial for many across the area:

“It was helpful to have someone listen to my issues and explain what my rights were.” Independent Mental Health Advocacy service user


“Thanks for your support. I feel more confident and comfortable to talk by myself now. Thanks for encouraging me to talk.” Care Act Advocacy service user


“I wanted to thank you for all your help and support. I have been feeling so lost and discouraged and I couldn't see the way forward. Having your support has strengthened my resolve and determination.” NHS Complaints Advocacy service user


Jo Moore, Service Manager for VoiceAbility Northamptonshire says: "Helping people have a voice is an important way to make sure they are getting services that are right for them, and help they need at the right time.  Good advocacy can stop people's personal situations or care deteriorating to the point that they need more help from other services or acute healthcare. 


The contact number and email for advocacy in Northamptonshire remains unchanged as 020 3355 8846 / tvn@voiceability.org.

More information, including a referral form for advocacy, is available from the VoiceAbility website www.voiceability.org/northamptonshire

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