Whorlton Hall

Statement about Whorlton Hall

We are deeply shocked by the abuse of people at Whorlton Hall. Abuse of any nature is unacceptable.

Before its recent closure, we provided one of the advocacy services to people living there. We began working with people at Whorlton Hall because we recognised that it was the type of environment in which people are especially vulnerable, and open to abuse.

During our time at Whorlton Hall, we drew attention to concerns about people’s safety and wellbeing, pressing the statutory authorities and the service provider’s senior management for action.

However, we were not aware of the particular abuse which was shown by Panorama. We are deeply sorry that we did not identify that this abuse was taking place at the time.  We are looking closely into what happened so that we can improve our services in the future. 

Following the decision to close Whorlton Hall, we continued to do all that we could to help support people who lived there through this difficult time.

We are also in contact with the statutory agencies to assist in their investigations.

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