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Looked After Children Services

VoiceAbility provide an free and confidential Independent Visitor, Return to Care Interview and Advocacy service to all Looked After Children in Bradford. ​The service is independent, so you do not need to feel worried if you need to talk to someone about a problem that is about your home or a service from an organisation such as the Local Authority.

VoiceAbility exists to represent your best interests, and does not offer you advice – it is your voice that counts.

Return to Care Interviews

Lots of Looked After Children go missing every year. This means that the council, and your carers do not know where you are. ‘Missing From Care’ is defined as you either being missing for over 24 hours or being missing and being at risk of significant harm.

Who gets an interview?
Social Care staff offer Return to Care interviews to all Looked After Children who go missing.

Do I have to have one?
No, but if you choose to, it will be with an advocate from VoiceAbility.

When will you interview me? 
We try to do interviews as soon as possible after you return, but definitely within 72 hours.

Why will you interview me?
By talking to you when you return to care, we hope to find out what led you to leaving in the first instance and work with you to improve your situations.

What happens if I run away again? 
If you go missing again, VoiceAbility will continue to work with partner agencies to support you, to help keep you safe and contribute to measures aimed at supporting you.

Independent Visitors

VoiceAbility also provides Independent Visitors in Bradford.

Independent Visitors will be paired with you and will then visit you on a regular basis. It is important that your Independent Visitor spends time with you and that they earn your trust, so the relationship usually lasts a long time.

What will my Independent Visitor do?

Your Independent Visitors will

  • spend time with you
  • encourag you to reach your full potential
  • help you work through difficult problems you may have at home
  • support you to exercise your rights.

The wider picture

We collate information about the issues that Looked After Children and vulnerable children bring to us and report to the Council (confidentiality is maintained at all times). We hope that this will enable the Council and Social Care staff to learn more about the issues affecting you and other Looked After Children so that they can change the way they work and improve the service provided in the future.

How to contact the service

You can contact the service yourself to discuss how VoiceAbility might be able to help. Even where VoiceAbility may not be able to help we might be able to support you to find help from somewhere else.

Professionals can also contact us on your behalf, if you agree to it. These might be:

  • Social workers
  • Foster Carers
  • Family Group Conference Co-ordinators

The service is based at the community-led Carlisle Business Centre on Carlisle Road, Bradford and is delivered across Bradford.​

Volunteers Needed

VoiceAbility Bradford need Volunteers to act as Independent Visitors. Please call 01274 449173 or email youngpeoplebradford@voiceability.org  for more information.

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