Total Voice Service: Advocacy

Advocacy is about supporting you to work towards outcomes that you choose.

Your advocate will listen to you, and help you identify what things you want to happen.

This will help you both to create a plan which you will work towards with your advocate.

Your Advocate

Your professional advocate is trained to listen to what you want and support you in the most appropriate way for you. That could mean meeting you in a place where you feel comfortable, or it could be using different ways to communicate with you (you may feel more comfortable having a text conversation than having a telephone call, or emailing, for example).

Your advocate is independent. That means that they do not work for the council, the NHS, or any other professional organisation that might be providing you with a social or health care service. They work for you and only you.

Your Support

advocacy photosYour advocate will support you to:

  • Talk about your situation
  • Identify what you want to happen
  • Make a plan and work towards it


Sometimes you might want us to:

  • Explain what rights you have
  • Find out information for you
  • Let you know the choices you have
  • Help you make important decisions
  • Help you prepare for meetings
  • Go to meetings with you or on your behalf
  • Support you to raise concerns or make a complaint 

Types of Advocacy

There are many different types of face to face advocacy that we provide in Cambridgeshire and Peterborough. You can find out more about each of them on the following pages:

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