Speak Out Council

The Speak Out Council acts as a voice for people in Cambridgeshire with a learning disability or who are on the autistic spectrum.

What does the Speak Out Council do?

  • Acts as a voice for people with a learning disability or who are on the autistic spectrum.
  • Runs consultations and drop ins to give people a say on all sorts of issues and influence decisions.
  • Talks to professionals and organisations who can make a difference to these issues.
  • Runs Speak Out Council meetings to give service users and professionals and opportunity to talk.

Who can get involved?

We are for anyone in Cambridgeshire from 14 years of age onwards who has a learning disability or Autism. You can get involved as much or as little as you like.

How to get involved

Attend a Speak Out Council Meeting

This year the meeting dates are:

  • March 15th Huntingdonshire. We will be discussing safeguarding
  • June 14th Cambridge City South. We will be discussing transport.
  • September 13th Fenland. We will be discussing consultations.
  • December 6th East Cambs. We will be discussing health. 

To join a meeting, email speakoutcouncil@voiceability.org or call us 01223 555863

Come to a Drop In

Talk to your local Speak Out Council Leader about your questions.
Contact us for drop in dates near you: email speakoutcouncil@voiceability.org or call us 01223 555863

Keep in touch

To hear news of our latest events:

Our Speak Out Leaders

Speak Out Council is led by six Speak Out Leaders who are on the autistic spectrum or have a learning disability.

Our partners

We work closely with the Learning Disability Partnership Board for Cambridgeshire, to make sure what is important to you is at the heart of their work.
We talk to people from the Cambridge County Council, the local Clinical Commissioning Group, sporting organisations, and service providers, including transport and highways.

Our Last Meeting

We will add minutes from our latest meeting here. 


For more information about the Speak Out Council, please contact:

Chris Swarbrick headshotChris Swarbrick
Speak Out Council Co-ordinator
The Old Granary
CB24 3AR

Tel: 01223 555863
Email: speakoutcouncil@voiceability.org