High Support Needs

This is Russell. He is our Speak Out Leader for people with High Support Needs. In this video he explains his job and what the group were working on in 2015.


The High Support Needs group represents people with profound and multiple learning disabilities in Cambridgeshire. It is a user led committee that means, although Russell chairs the meeting, we all make decisions together. 

In 2016 we are doing a project on things that help us. We hope to talk about wheelchairs, accessible vehicles and access ramps, and see what improvements we can make.

Anyone can join our meetings, and we are particularly keen to find some people to meet with regularly in the north parts of the county.

Russell goes to meetings, like the Eastern Regional Forum (for people with learning disabilities) to make sure that our views are being represented and to tell us about new changes.

Access Project - 2015

Over the next year we will be looking at examples of poor access around Cambridgeshire. This includes unsuitable crossings, availability of drop curbs, cattle grids and any other hazards we find. To do this, we are completing access walks and have so far, done 4. As you can see in the image, Russell is crossing the road. However there is no drop curb for him to join the pavement. On one walk, a drop curb was not low enough so a rainy day, we couldn't see how deep the drop was.

We have created an interactive map that shows the hazards we have found on our walks. Once we have completed our walk, we update our interactive map. Our map is available to everyone. You can look at particular areas to see if you will come across any access problems. Anyone can update this map so if you know of problems that are not on there, please do add these on for us.

You can view the map by clicking HERE.

You can zoom in and out of the map by using your mouse. Please follow these steps for how to update the map yourself:

  1. Load map and locate the area you want
  2. Click add marker (the icon, second from the right, looks like a key).
  3. Choose the type of pinpoint you want to use. We have been using the hazard symbol under ‘news’
  4. Click where you want to add the marker and you will be given an option to write some information
  5. After you have updated the map please click ‘menu’ ‘save map’ and we will all be able to access what you have updated.

Our Good Pub Guide

In 2014 we completed a Good Pub Guide for Cambridgeshire. We visited 12 pubs in South Cambs and Cambridgeshire. If you’d like to know what we thought of all the pubs you can find a copy here.

If you’d like to know more about what we do or find out how to join the group email speakoutcouncil@voiceability.org or call 01223 555863.