Rule 1.2 (3A) advocacy

NEW! We now offer Rule 1.2 advocacy in Doncaster. This role is to support someone when decisions are being made about their care and support package that would result in a deprivation of their liberty.

A Rule 1.2 Representative is someone who is able to consider whether, from the perspective of individual's best interests, they agree or do not agree that the Court should authorise the individual's package of care and support, resulting in a deprivation of their liberty.

In cases where the person has no family, an advocate may be appointed to be the Rule 1.2 representative. We provide this service in Doncaster.

Key responsibilities of a Rule 1.2 representative:

  • Weighing the pros and cons of the individual's care and support package and comparing it with other available options.
  • Considering whether any of the restrictions are unnecessary, inappropriate or should be changed.
  • Informing the court about what the individual has said, and the individual's attitude towards, the care and support package.
  • Checking from time to time that the care and support package is being properly implemented.

Rule 1.2 advocacy was previously known as Rule 3A advocacy.