Community Advocacy

VoiceAbility provide community advocacy support all around Lincolnshire. Our professional advocates work to support adults with disabilities living in Lincolnshire, over the age of 18 who may be facing a difficult time.

We also provide advocacy for children and young people, delivered by Barnardos.

Who can get Advocacy?

Advocacy is available to you if you live in Lincolnshire, are 18 and over and are:
• Using Adult Care services
• Using Mental Health Services, or
• You are a carer of someone using these services.

Children’s Advocacy is available to you if you live in Lincolnshire and you:
• Are between the ages of 5 and 18 years of age, or
• Under the age of 24 years old if you are leaving care services.

What will my advocate do?

Total Voice advocates will:

LISTEN to what you want and support you to:

  • Get your voice heard
  • Understand your rights
  • Find the best solution for you
  • Make your own choices.

Our advocates can support you with lots of different issues such as:

  • Going to difficult meetings
  • Telling people what you really want
  • Accessing services
  • Challenging people who are making decisions about you that you do not agree with.

How to get an advocate

Advocacy is:

  • Free
  • Independent – we are not part of the County Council or health services.
  • Confidential – we will only talk to other people about the things you want us to.

If you think an advocate could help you or somebody you know, or if you want more information, please call or email us. 

You can make a referral about yourself or someone you know to the community advocacy service. The Total Voice Lincolnshire referral form is below.

Please note, there is an Equal Opportunities Checklist included in the referral form.