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Inpatient IMHA Service

We support patients under the Mental Health Act across Barnet, Enfield and Haringey, including people subject to Community Treatment Orders.

We also provide advocacy on all the mental health wards at:

  • St. Anne’s Hospital,
  • Denis Scott Unit, Edgware Hospital
  • and Chase Farm Hospital

What is an IMHA?

S.Yorks IMHA service - girl looking pensiveIf you are being detained under a Mental Health Section, you are legally entitled to help and support from an Independent Mental Health Advocate.*

Advocates can support you with understanding and getting information about your rights under the Act, the parts of the Act that apply to you, and the medical treatments you may be given.

*Exclusions Apply; call the Brent team to find out more.

We will:

  • Listen carefully to what you tell us about your views and feelings
  • Support you to speak up or speak up on your behalf if needed
  • Make sure you are fully involved in decisions being made about you
  • We will close your case when the work is finished.

An IMHA can support you with:

  • Being fully involved in your care planning
  • Your access to Mental Health Review Tribunals, preparing for them and understanding decisions made
  • Your access to other support or services
  • Discussing appropriate aftercare
  • How to raise concerns about your experience/care
  • Exercising your rights.

The IMHA service is

  • Free
  • Independent
  • Confidential

How do I find an IMHA?

Certain staff have a duty to make sure you understand that help is available to you from IMHA services and how you can get that help. You can speak to professionals like nurses and social workers and they can make a referral on your behalf.

Patients, responsible clinicians, nurses, approved mental health professionals and nearest relatives can contact the service between 9.00 and 5.00 Monday to Friday by phone or email.

Independent Mental Health Advocates regularly visit each of the wards at Chase Farm, St. Anne’s Hospital and the Denis Scott Unit to meet with people under the Mental Health Act.  The times of these visits are advertised on the wards. Additional visits can be made for specific appointments or when people need support more quickly.

The service is optional and if you are a patient on these wards you can choose to use it or not.