If you are looking for Support

The ‘Moving Forward in Camden’ peer mentoring program provides a service for Camden residents who are experiencing mental ill health.

This new mental wellbeing resource is free to service users and can help you take a clear step forward.

Meeting a peer mentor who has been through similar experience as you on a regular basis, can inspire hope and make progression in your own personal recovery possible. 

A peer mentor can help you with things like

  • Setting a short term, realistic, achievable goal that the mentor can help you reach.
  • Accessing activities to help you get well and stay well.
  • Offering friendly and practical support.
  • Finding out what’s available in Camden.
  • Finding professional support that works for you.
  • Working out ‘the system’.
  • Motivation and encouragement.
  • Filling in forms and sorting out paperwork.
  • Helping to learn how to do research or use the internet.
  • Accompanying you to a place / self–help group / appointment. 

And these are just to name a few.