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Camden Service User Involvement

  • Have you used mental health, drug or alcohol services in Camden?
  • Do you want to use your experiences to improve services for others?

There are lots of ways to make mental health and drug and alcohol services better for others, including

  1. Coming to weekly drop-in social opportunities to support your peers and find out what’s happening in the area
  2. Attending monthly forums to hear from service providers and feed back to them
  3. Getting involved in more strategic opportunities, or peer delivered services.

VoiceAbility host mental health and substance use service user groups in Camden, including:

Camden Frontline

Camden Frontline logoGet your voice heard! Join Camden Frontline and help improve drug and alcohol services in Camden

Opportunities include:

  • A monthly forum to hear from providers and feed back about services
  • Peer delivered services
  • Strategic opportunities to shape and co-produce the way services are delivered
  • Much more

To read the minutes of previous meetings and to find out more about Frontline, please visit the new Camden Frontline website here.

Camden Borough User Group

Camden Borough User Group logo CBUGCBUG members have used Camden’s mental health services. We use this experience to ensure mental health services better meet client need.

CBUG’s aim is to increase the involvement of service users in the development, monitoring and evaluation of mental health services in the London Borough of Camden. We work to co-ordinate and organise the voice of mental health service users in Camden.

CBUG are involved in many activities across the borough, including:

  • Monthly meetings with fellow service users
  • Focus groups on issues like physical health, antisocial behaviour, and advocacy
  • Supporting strategic work on mental health services in the borough.

To read the minutes of previous meetings and to find out more about CBUG, please visit the new CBUG website.

Peer research team

Members of CBUG and Camden Frontline formed a dual diagnosis group to look at how well services supported people who had both mental ill health and substance use problems. The group were trained in running focus groups and holding peer to peer interviews and conducted an extensive piece of peer research on dual diagnosis culminating in a report with recommendations  to inform commissioners and service managers in Camden. Having gained experience through the dual diagnosis work, the peer researchers were then asked to do a similar piece of work on peoples experience of being residents in the Camden Hostels Pathway which currently house about 600 people. The peer research team continues to be available to target particular issues or client groups and will be a resource available to strategic service user involvement reps to feed user experiences into service monitoring.

Please find below links :-

CBUG Patients’ Council 

CBUG Patients’ Council is a team of people with lived experience of mental health problems, who provide independent peer inspection of hospital wards. They interview patients, provide direct feedback to ward managers and produce a report which is sent out to ward managers, Trust managers, Healthwatch and commissioners. Come along to the next open CBUG meeting to find out more!