Care Act Advocacy

As part of the Discharge Project, we are only commissioned to provide Care Act Advocacy to people who are:

  • Lewisham residents, AND
  • Placed in University Hospital Lewisham, AND
  • In need of care and support and do not have any appropriate, able and willing family or friends to support their active involvement.

For people at the hospital who live outside Lewisham, please contact POhWER on 0300 4562370 or

Advocacy is available during:

  • Care and support planning.
  • Care and support reviews.
  • Care and support assessments.
  • Safeguarding enquiries and safeguarding adults reviews.

Care and Support Advocates will work with people at the hospital to help them make their own decisions. They will support them to understand the care and support process they will be involved in, and to tell others about their wishes and feelings to inform discussions about their future care and support needs.

You can find out more in our Care and Support Advocacy page.