Group Advocacy

Newham People First logoSometimes lots of people have similar issues, and their voices are stronger together.

Group advocacy is where Newham People First advocates support you, and others like you, to talk about issues that affect you all.

The groups will be for people who use health or social care services in Newham. 

With support from Newham People First, you can get practical help and advice that can lead to changes that benefit both you and many others in Newham.

You can come along if you want to:group advocacy meeting

  • Meet new friends
  • Talk about issues
  • Share experiences
  • Get information and advice
  • Change things in Newham 

Together we can work with local decision makers to make changes and improve health and social services for you and others in Newham. 

How to get involved

Contact the Newham team on 020 8900 2221 or email to find out more.

You may not want to speak up at first and might feel nervous or uncertain. That’s okay. We can work with you on an individual basis until you feel ready to join in with the rest of the group.