London Borough of Wandsworth

In the London Borough of Wandsworth, we have several services. You can find a summary of these below.

This is our Wandsworth team. You can get in contact with one of them, using the details on the pages below.

The Wandsworth team

If you have been assessed as ‘lacking capacity’ to make specific decisions you may be able to get an advocate. 

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Do you live in Wandsworth and need help to be involved in decisions about your care needs? An advocate can help you be heard, understand your choices and make your own decisions. Find out about how an advocate can help you, and how to get in touch with the Wandsworth team.

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If you live in Wandsworth you can get a community advocate who can support you to tell people what you want, understand your rights and explore choices and options. We have six advocates who work exclusively in Wandsworth and are professionally trained.

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