Quality Checkers

Experts by Experience support providers to give the best service to people with learning disabilities. The Quality Checkers team are Experts by Experience and use that experience to assess and report what is good and what needs improvements in each service. We are a member of The Association of Quality Checkers.

As well as our regular quality checking work, we also assist commissioners at CTRs (Care & Treatment reviews). This ensures that people with a learning disability are not kept in hospital unnecessarily if they become mentally unwell.

We are a team of 4 Quality Checkers:

Paul B is our senior quality checker.  

We have been delivering quality checks across Northamptonshire for over 3 years and are all ‘Experts by Experience’. This is because we all have learning disabilities and have used different services ourselves.

You can find out about our latest work below in our latest newsletter.

Our Services

Quality Checking

We deliver high quality checks for any service used by people with learning disabilities.

Easy Read Translation

We are experienced easy read creators and can transform your paperwork into fully accessible documents.

Why use us?

driving up quality markAs part of the Driving up Quality Code, all services that work with people who have disabilities are expected to self assess their own service.

We can help you to do this by checking the quality of your services.

We speak to people who use your service and, because we are experts by experience, we know the right questions to ask and can pick up on any issues that you might not have identified.

We produce a high quality report to you that outlines what, if any, changes you need to make to your service.

You benefit, and the people who use your services do too.