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Shared Voice Network

What is the Shared Voice Network?

The Shared Voice Network (or SVN) is a project that supports you to be able to voice your views and opinions of the mental health services you have experienced in Northamptonshire. We, with your help, can be an active part in influencing the decision makers by participating in your local SVN forum or consultation groups. Or, if you prefer, we can share your experiences on your behalf with local councils, the NHS and other governing bodies.

We work in partnership with the NHS and Clinical Commissioning Groups. We inform the people in charge about your experiences so they are aware of them and can consider them when monitoring, reforming and improving the mental health service.

Without an understanding of real life experiences, positive changes cannot happen.

Where do we meet?

We hold monthly meetings at various locations in Northamptonshire

If you would like to be involved and meet people with similar experiences and you have a positive outlook of transforming mental health services, then come and see us at one of our forums.

You can contact us to find out where the next meeting will be (details at the top of the page). Below is a leaflet about our meetings in January and February 2017.

What else do we offer?

Meeting dates for Shared Voice Network Jan 2017

We would like to help you to explore other services in your community that will best meet your needs, and help to ensure the continued progression towards your own recovery, health and wellbeing.

We have also recognised there is a need for volunteering and training and will be working with providers to help you remain active in Northamptonshire.


The Shared Voice Network is:

• Totally free

• Totally independent

• Completely confidential