Mental Health Advocacy

We believe that people with mental health problems should be able to make the same choices as anyone else about things that matter to them. We also believe they have a right to know what is happening to them, and why. Our aim is to help people whenever they feel their views are not being heard.

What is Advocacy?

Some people find it difficult to speak up for themselves and ask the questions they want to. Those who provide services are sometimes unable or unwilling to hear what people are saying to them.

Advocacy is a way of supporting people by helping them put their views forward and ask their own questions.

How can we help?

We are an independent organisation and offer a free and confidential service. These are some of the ways we can help:

  • We can help you to prepare for a meeting with your consultant or social worker, by working with you to sort out questions you want to ask about whatever is concerning you
  • We can come with you to an appointment, or a case conference, or a mental health tribunal, to make sure you have your say
  • We can help you write a letter, or write one on your behalf - for example, to a solicitor or a housing office
  • We can support you when relationships with family or friends become difficult
  • We can help you find out about medication - for example, side effects and alternative treatments
  • We can help you to make an official complaint if you think that a service provider has let you down

Our advocacy workers have followed an advocacy training programme, attended various training courses and conferences and have gained a thorough knowledge of the mental health system. We don't give advice, particularly in areas of finance and benefits, but if this is what you need, we will direct you to those who provide it.

An advocate will make contact to identify the advocacy support required within 5 working days of receipt of a referral. People can self refer, ask a relative/friend to refer for them or a professional can contact us with the clients consent.

'I was perfectly satisfied with the advice given me and found the staff warm and friendly on every occasion'

'Deborah worked with me - the service provided by her was excellent - she was able to think outside the box and understood my case exactly. No professional solicitor or social worker could have done better in this difficult and demanding case, thank you'

'I just want to say I appreciate the help I received. Thank you'

Just some of the people we have worked with