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Autism Training and Consultancy from WAVE

Following a hugely successful pilot at the Argos Distribution Centre, the WAVE team are now available to deliver autism awareness training sessions and consultancy in the Wakefield area.

Please contact Helen Silverwood to enquire and discuss how this could be beneficial for your business or organisation.

People with autism often end up isolated in their communities as their needs are not understood and not supported. Increasing awareness can mean more safe places for people with autism to go, and more opportunities to have a full, enriched life within the parameters of their individual needs.

Training from the WAVE team can help Wakefield become a supportive and inclusive town. 
Certainly, the attendees from Argos felt that the training had a huge impact on them. 

22 people who attended the training provided the following feedback:

  Excellent      Good     Average     Fair       Poor
1. The delivery of the session:     17 5 0 0 0
2. The content of the session:      19 3 0 0 0
3. The structure of the session: 18 4 0 0 0
4. The pace of the session:     15 7 0 0 0
5. Their previous knowledge of autism:    1 3 1 8 9
6. Their knowledge of autism after the session: 6 13 3 0 0


Participants commented that:

“The session was very, very educational. I went from not knowing anything about it to knowing quite a lot.”

“The information provided was very insightful.”

 “It was good to understand other people’s thinking and get a good understanding and awareness of problems.”