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Our services in Oldham

We provide the following services:

  • Independent Mental Health Advocacy (IMHA)
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    Independent Mental Health Advocates (IMHAs) support people with issues relating to their care and treatment when they have been detained (sectioned) under the Mental Health Act. They also help people understand their rights under the Mental Health Act.

  • Care Act advocacy
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    Independent Care Act advocates support people to understand their rights under the Care Act and to be fully involved in decisions about any care and support they need. This includes local authority assessments, care reviews, care and support planning and safeguarding processes.

  • Advocacy for people in Oldham who have a learning disability or who are autistic
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    This service is for people in Oldham who are aged 18+ and are autistic or have learning disabilities. It can help with issues including accommodation, complaints, care and support, accessing learning and volunteering opportunities, and parents who are involved with children’s services. The service is provided by OPAL, but you can refer to their service via VoiceAbility.