Our services in Suffolk

In Suffolk, we’re part of Total Voice Suffolk, a partnership of organisations who work together to deliver all the services on this page.

We provide the following services:

  • Independent Mental Health Advocacy (IMHA)
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    Independent Mental Health Advocates (IMHAs) support people with issues relating to their care and treatment when they have been detained (sectioned) under the Mental Health Act. They also help people understand their rights under the Mental Health Act.

  • Independent Mental Capacity Advocacy (IMCA)
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    Independent Mental Capacity Advocates (IMCAs) support people who lack capacity to make decisions about their long term accommodation or serious medical treatment and who do not have any friends or family appropriate to consult.

  • Relevant Person's Representative (RPR)
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    When a DoLS authorisation is in place and there is no suitable RPR, an advocate can take on the role of RPR.

  • Care Act advocacy
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    Independent Care Act advocates support people to understand their rights under the Care Act and to be fully involved in decisions about any care and support they need. This includes local authority assessments, care reviews, care and support planning and safeguarding processes.

  • NHS complaints advocacy
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    NHS complaints advocates support people to complain about the treatment or care that they or a friend or family member have received from an NHS service. This support is available at every stage of the complaints process. 

  • Statutory children's advocacy
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    Specialist advocacy for Looked After Children (including those living in secure children’s homes), Care Leavers, and children and young people with special educational needs or disabilities.

  • Wellbeing service in Suffolk
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    This project promotes early recovery from emotional health problems such as low mood, stress and anxiety. We help people work out what support and activities they could benefit from and we connect them to local organisations or groups which could help. We also help people set up their own peer support networks that support wellbeing. To access this service, go to www.wellbeingnands.co.uk

  • General advocacy in Suffolk
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    We support people when they are facing important decisions about their lives that involve the local authority, health or care services or another service provider. This includes supporting people facing Continuing Health Care decisions; people making a complaint, when this is complex; parents involved in Child Protection Proceedings; and people lacking capacity who need help to understand information and say what they want. 

About Total Voice Suffolk

Total Voice Suffolk is a partnership of five experienced organisations who work together to deliver advocacy services in Suffolk. This means that everyone in Suffolk can quickly access the right specialist advocacy support through one central hub.

Wellbeing in Suffolk

In Suffolk we also deliver a Community Development Service to promote wellbeing. The project enables people to experience improved emotional wellbeing and promotes early recovery from emotional health problems such as low mood, stress and anxiety. We help people identify their individual support needs and get in touch with local organisations or groups that could help them, and support people to create and develop peer support networks. You can find out more or access this service via the Suffolk Wellbeing Service website.