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At care and support assessments

We’ll help you be heard

I feel you and I can do the meeting together. I feel better. You don’t push me into choices. I can talk to you.

Sara, who used our services

An advocate can help you have your say in decisions about any care and support you may need.

Your rights

The law says social workers must consider what you want when they make decisions about

  • where you live in the long term, for example whether you will live in your own home, a care home or supported living
  • the package of care you might get
  • if you already have a care package, whether this should change

If a social worker or doctor decides you need help to say what you think about these things, the law says they must get you an advocate.

How can an advocate help?

An advocate is an independent professional who is on your side. They can support you to have your say and know your rights. Advocates don’t work for the council, the NHS, or care providers.

An advocate can help you to

  • understand your options
  • say what accommodation, care or support you want – and what you don’t want
  • challenge decisions about your care or support if you are not happy with them

Can I get an advocate?

You don’t have to pay for an advocate but there are rules about who can get an advocate and when. To check if you can get an advocate, ask your social worker or healthcare professional, or contact us.

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